Markouk Bread
Markouk Bread started its flatbread business at the Cape Ann Farmers
Market in Gloucester, Ma in August 2011.  Since then, we have sold our
food at many local events including St. Peter' Fiesta, Gloucester Block
Party, Festival-by-the-Sea, Grand Prix of Gloucester, Rockport
HarvestFest, and the Gloucester Sidewalk Bazaar.   Durning the past 5
years, we heard "Where is your restaurant?" hundreds of times.  Well,
we determined to best serve our customers, we have just opened a
take out restaurant in Downtown Gloucester.  

We prepare and sell a variety of foods typically found in Lebanese
meals. Many of our recipes originate from a small village in the
Valley.  We also sell some new items that fuse local taste with our
traditional meals.

All the food is prepared and sold fresh daily at our business.  We use the
highest quality ingredients to prepare our foods and ensure they
consistently inspire those that eat them.
About Us
The Saj
The saj is a traditional cooking stove used in Lebanon and other places
throughout the Middle East. Most people there use a propane heated saj.
At one time, all breads were made with a saj over a wood fire.  The use
of the saj brings out the characteristic flavor of the flatbreads that we
produce, unlike modern baking and processing equipment.  You will taste
the difference.
What is Markouk?
Markouk is one of several local Lebanese names of the flatbread that is
cooked on the saj.  Other local names include saj or khubs tabouni.  
Markouk is typically eaten with some combination of olives, labneh or
other cheeses,  mint, or zaatar.  It is also used to make a variety of
roll-up sandwiches or wraps.   Markouk Bread can prepare a variety of
flatbreads or wraps to your taste.
Markouk Bread
Markouk Bread